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Can Clear Aligners Fix All Teeth?

Since their introduction in 1997, clear aligner treatment have only grown in popularity. With their seemingly-simple design and discreet appearance, the increasing appeal of clear aligners has many wondering – can this orthodontic treatment fix all teeth?

As the technology develops, more and more complex cases can be treated with clear aligners. You might be surprised at the variety of conditions that can be tackled with this effective, seamless, nearly invisible orthodontic treatment!

Clear Aligners Are for Kids & Teens, Too!

Clear braces are an increasingly popular choice for orthodontic treatment. As more adolescents have been requesting them, researchers have developed clear aligner programs designed specifically for this age group. Orthodontists that provide Invisalign™ treatments commonly now offer InvisalignTeen™, which is custom created for growing bones.

As demand in this age-range grows, orthodontic offices are treating more and more kids and teens with clear aligners! Some office even report that clear aligners are now more popular than braces, especially for teenagers who are active on social media. After all, avoiding the “metal mouth” problem can be a bonus for kids posting selfies on Instagram!

Of course, metal braces are still a popular and reliable treatment option for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. Despite the different treatment methods, the results of both are equally effective. But clear aligners have added more choices for young people seeking orthodontic treatment, which helps more people access this important care, and puts more beautiful smiles out into the world!

Clear Aligners Treat A Wide Variety of Cases

Improved technology has continued to expand the types of dental conditions treatable with clear aligners. For severe misalignment or other dental issues, you may require supplemental intervention before or after clear aligner treatment. Because every case is unique, and every treatment is custom designed for your mouth, the orthodontist will always do a comprehensive exam of your condition before recommending a treatment.

Some clear aligner treatments are designed specifically for milder cases, and can only treat specific cases of misalignment for safe, effective results. 6-month treatment regimens, for instance, can only be used for certain types of mild misalignment, to ensure it works properly and safely in the time allotted.

Every smile can be straightened, and licensed orthodontists work tirelessly to apply the correct treatments for each case. Whether it’s clear aligners alone or a supplemental therapy, your orthodontist will be able to get you smiling pronto!

Don’t Be Fooled by Tele-Dentists’ Claims About Treating Every Case

There is growing concern in the orthodontic community about mail-order aligner treatments and the effectiveness and safety of the care. These companies are particularly limited in the kind of cases they can treat, since not seeing clients in-office limits the available interventions. Unfortunately, to lure customers, many of these tele-dentist companies approve nearly all applications, which can have hazardous, and permanent, consequences. This is especially a risk for those with severe misalignment, since there may be serious underlying issues that go undetected by a simple putty bite impression or boutique scan.

Due to concern about the efficacy of these treatments, the American Association of Orthodontists recently released a consumer alert about the hazards of mail-order aligners. There are many important questions to consider before seeking any kind of orthodontic treatment. Remember: if you never actually see an orthodontist, you are potentially missing out on serious, important expertise that can impact the outcome of your treatment.

Your Orthodontist is the Best Resource for Achieving a Beautiful Smile!

Clear aligners have steadily grown in popularity for the last 20 years. Orthodontists have embraced this treatment and are now experts in providing safe, effective treatment with reliably excellent results.

If you’re wondering about your teeth and whether you can straighten them with clear aligners, the best way to find out is to schedule a consultation. These are usually free, and always no-commitment: it is simply an opportunity for you to meet your local orthodontist, have them examine your teeth, including X-Rays and/or 3D-imaging, and receive a recommendation for the best course of orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist can answer all your questions about clear aligners. This is a great first step towards your journey to smile joy!