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Are Clear Aligners as Effective as Metal Braces?

Once upon a time, there was only one form of orthodontic treatment. That was metal braces: a dental art perfected for over 300 years. In fact, ancient Egyptian mummies have been found with metal bands on their teeth thought to be some very early braces!

The metal braces used today are a refinement of a treatment pioneered in the 1700s in France. Perfected over time, metal braces now straighten teeth comfortably, easily, and with extremely effective results.

The reliability and cost-effectiveness of metal braces make them a popular choice for kids, teens and adults across the country: millions of patients are treated each year with braces. But as clear aligners have become more popular and more widely available, people are curious how this treatment stacks up next to metal braces.

So we’re here to ask the question: do clear aligners work as well as metal braces?

You Can Bet on Clear Aligners!

Thanks to dedicated research and intensive refinement over the last 20 years, clear aligner orthodontic treatment is equally effective as metal braces! If your orthodontist approves you for clear aligners, you can expect an equally beautiful smile, and results you’ll love as much as with metal braces.

Orthodontists take your preferences into account when helping you choose a treatment. If you’re considering clear aligners, make sure to let your doctor know during your initial appointment, so they can keep that in mind when considering your treatment plan.

Clear aligners have come a long way: there are now patented materials designed exclusively for this form of dental treatment, increasing precision and improving effectiveness. As materials and tools have improved, so has the method, which reduces treatment lengths and boosts results.

If you get treated with clear aligners, you can expect great results you’ll love for years to come.

Your Orthodontist Is Your Best Resource for Choosing a Treatment

Of course, each orthodontic case is unique, so your orthodontist will need to examine your teeth, jaws, structure, and gums to recommend a course of treatment that works for you.

In some cases, your diagnosis may be severe enough that you will require supplemental care in addition to clear aligners to achieve the desired results. This might mean a short regimen of metal braces before or after clear aligners, or could involve certain dental interventions like extractions before starting orthodontic care.

In certain rare cases, clear aligner therapy may not be the best course of action for your diagnosis, and your orthodontist will recommend an alternative option for you to achieve your dream smile. But don’t worry – whatever your doctor recommends, the treatment is temporary! The lasting result is what really matters: a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime!

The Key to Effective Orthodontic Treatment? You!

Whatever treatment you seek for your orthodontic care, it’s important to remember that the effectiveness of your care and the results depend on your commitment to caring for your orthodontia, and the health of your smile!

Remember to brush twice daily and floss every day. If you use clear aligners, keep them clean and well cared-for, and be sure to wear them every day for an average of 22 hours a day. Metal braces also require care, as do other forms of orthodontic treatment.

Be sure to attend your appointments regularly, so your orthodontist can keep tabs on your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Be good to your teeth – there’s no set of teeth waiting for you after your adult teeth come in! When choosing a clear aligner treatment, take time to research your options and compare the various brands. Beware of mail-order tele-dentist companies. They cannot guarantee results and offer you sub-par treatment because you never see a real, licensed orthodontist, in-person, in their office. Orthodontic treatment is temporary, but a healthy, beautiful smile is forever!

Proper hygiene and care will keep your orthodontic treatment on track, helping you straighten your teeth safely, efficiently, and effectively. With proper care and an licensed orthodontist, your clear aligner treatment will help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve been dreaming about!