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Are Clear Aligners Really Effective?

People often have question about straightening teeth with clear aligners like Invisalign. It almost sounds too good to be true: removable clear aligners, with none of the hassle or appearance of metal braces! The questions often posed to orthodontists is: “Sure, but do they really work?”

The answer, in a word, is YES! Clear aligner orthodontic treatments – also called clear braces - have been around for over twenty years, and dedicated research has led to reliable, consistent results with removable clear aligners. Though each case is unique, if your orthodontist recommends clear aligner treatment for your teeth, you can expect a smile you’ll love for years to come!

Clear aligners are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as a safe and effective orthodontia method. They are endorsed by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and the American Dental Association (ADA).

Not All Clear Aligners Are Created Equal

Despite the effectiveness of clear aligner orthodontic treatment, not every brand of clear aligner is equally reliable! It’s very important to do research ahead of time and make the right choice for your smile. Learn more about the different clear aligner brands here.

In recent years, for instance, several companies have cropped up selling mail-order, at-home clear aligners, which offer the “convenience” of never seeing an orthodontist. These companies have marketed themselves as tele-dentistry outfits, where you can straighten your teeth comfortably at home. They are almost like beauty salons or at-home hair-dye kits.

However, there are important factors to keep in mind when considering at-home treatment. Receiving orthodontic care without the continued supervision of a licensed orthodontist can have serious consequences for the outcome of your treatment. Proper supervision means receiving care in an actual orthodontist’s office by a real doctor, and it’s a critical factor in ensuring the effectiveness of your care.

What You’re Missing with At-Home Aligners

  • Comprehensive diagnosis from a licensed orthodontist
  • Full-spectrum X-Rays
  • Invisalign™-grade materials
  • In-office supervision by licensed doctors
  • Safety of face-to-face clinical supervision
  • Any necessary attachments
  • Mid-care intervention/adjustments
  • Follow-up visits

All of these factors can seriously impact the effectiveness of your treatment. While at-home aligners sound appealing for the convenience and potential cost-savings, it’s important to consider the actual results you can expect from your clear aligners. It is all about results.

Invisalign™ Aligners – The Difference is Clear

Invisalign is the original clear aligner. First released in 1997, Invisalign has dominated the market for over 20 years. They continue to improve on their product with intensive research and development.

Invisalign aligners are made of patented SmartTrack™ plastic, uniquely designed for orthodontic aligner therapy, to optimize comfort, maximize effectiveness, and produce winning results. With SmartTrack™ plastic, Invisalign aligner treatments are up to 50% faster than other aligner brands, and straighten your teeth up to 75% more predictably.

Another critical tool for effective treatment is the use of attachments. Attachments – little handles affixed to a few teeth that help give your aligners grip – are used as needed by the orthodontist to effect the desired results. Invisalign created patented SmartForce™ attachments, which help make Invisalign aligners some of the most powerful aligners on the market.

Invisalign is exclusively available in orthodontists’ offices, under direct supervision of a licensed orthodontist. If an orthodontist’s office partners with Invisalign, you can feel confident that your treatment will be effective.

Behind Every Beautiful Smile is an Effective Treatment and an Expert Orthodontist!

Like all medical interventions, every dental treatment is unique. Clear aligners are a trusted, reliable treatment method to help you achieve your smile. By getting treatment from your local orthodontist in a real office, you can be sure that your treatment will be effective and provide with a smile to feel great about. Don’t risk your teeth with mail-order aligners: after all, if you lose your teeth, they don’t grow back! Choose the smile that lasts, with reliable clear aligner treatment in a licensed orthodontist’s office.