Tehila’s Winning Smile

A smile is worth a thousand words. A smile is free to give as well as to receive, hence why it is so priceless. A simple smile creates its own message without any words – a radiant beam of sunshine that takes your breath away in an instant. It could be the difference between landing that job interview, going out on that date, or simply making someone’s day. Tehila’s smile simply put is astounding and speaks for itself. Undergoing treatment for a few years at our Avenue U, Brooklyn NY location, Tehila is now ready to share her picturesque smile with the rest of the world. “It boosted my confidence having a nice smile is important!” said the 16 year old High School student. Braces can be daunting, but nothing beats a dazzling smile of a lifetime. Tehila’s metal braces treatment was only a few short years, but it changed her life instantaneously. It was a great investment of time and effort that was absolutely worth it. A clear smile is contagious, it evokes friendliness and compassion. It melts sadness in an instant.

A three year treatment at our Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY location creates a family dynamic with the Dr. Oleg Drut and patients. Coming in once a month, our heartwarming staff makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease, while changing people’s lives every single day. Not only are the teeth straightened, but the patient gets a full understanding on proper hygiene, and the importance of having healthy looking teeth. A one time orthodontic visit will change your life like you wouldn’t believe. Tehila is now much more confident about her appearance, and can fully smile without a self conscious doubt that her smile isn’t perfect. Crooked teeth can really impede one’s self confidence, and self worth. Tehila’s diamond smile will take anyone’s breath away- the smile of a thousand words, a priceless gift that will change your life forever.