Skilled Orthodontists Make All the Difference

Skilled Orthodontists Make All the Difference

Choosing an orthodontist is no simple task and requires some due diligence. After all, it is about changing the way your teeth and smile look. With so many dental offices, it can get difficult to decide which doctor to go to. Many general dentists offer orthodontic treatment, wherein they themselves provide treatment or they have a visiting orthodontist who comes once a month/week to take a look at all of their patients. In such scenarios, you may not be getting the best quality of care. For optimal orthodontic treatment, your best option will always be with an orthodontic clinic that exclusively provides expert orthodontic care. They will have orthodontists ready to handle all your issues right from the word go. Plus, the set up and equipment is completely designed to provide top quality orthodontic care. The staff is also specially trained to treat orthodontic cases. You are assured of getting qualitatively superior treatment by a qualified and licensed orthodontic specialist and not from a general dental office.

An orthodontist receives almost 10,000 hours of additional training over a period of 2-3 years under supervised guidance to get his/her license. This is after qualifying as a general dentist. So, you can imagine the kind of specialized and expert care that you would receive under an orthodontist. With this experience, the orthodontist is far better equipped than a general dentist to identify, diagnose and treat any issues before, during or after orthodontic treatment.

Do your research before choosing an orthodontist. Most online consultations/opinions are free. So, take two or three opinions before deciding. Ask the right questions about the kind of treatment plan and options they would recommend, look up their qualifications, experience and success stories, read testimonials and reviews from their patients, check out the office for hygiene, modern equipment, friendly and trained staff.

In case you wish to go for invisalign or clear aligner therapy, then make sure you go to a facility that is ranked among the most experienced, super elite top 1 % invisalign provider. You can visit the invisalign website to find the best provider in your area. Remember, aligners are just a tool in the hands of your dentist. It is the treatment plan and approach that your orthodontist designs that will ultimately decide the outcome. Your orthodontist is the sole person who can decide if the treatment is progressing according to plan or if any modifications need to be done to achieve course correction. The knowledge and experience to make such decisions requires a trained eye and hand that can identify and treat problems as soon as they crop up.

Orthodontic treatment is a life changing process that can add a lot of positivity and confidence to your personality, when done correctly. In the right hands, your smile can be transformed into a million dollar smile. So, it is very important to choose the right doctor. The same treatment carried out by an inexperienced or underqualified doctor can result in outcomes that may not be pleasing or totally unsuitable physiologically, psychologically, functionally and esthetically. Once botched up, the case becomes even more difficult to salvage and treat.

Orthodontic treatment involves scientific tooth movement that cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time, effort, money and constant expert supervision to achieve desired results. The orthodontist plans each minute detail with great care. Right from diagnosis to analyzing problems and solutions to them like how to create space in the jaws or how to deal with rotated teeth or how to move teeth into proper positions etc. to deciding which is the best option in terms of the type of braces/appliances that can be used for treatment; the orthodontist is the one who can choose correctly. Once the treatment plan is set, the orthodontist even places the brackets and arch wires based on scientific calculations and suggests use of additional elastics or appliances based on the forces required to achieve the movement of the teeth. After treatment he even designs the retainer that would be required to ensure that the teeth remain in their new positions.

So, please do not entrust your money and orthodontic treatment to someone without checking out their credentials and experience and asking friends or family members who have had orthodontic treatment in the past about their experience with one particular doctor. It is your teeth and gums that you are risking. Teeth once lost cannot be replaced. So, make sure you go where you know the results can be trusted.