We offer smilification!

We specializing in creating the perfect smile, in a healthy and natural way! No extensive cutting is involved or long, painful procedures. We use advanced orthodontic treatments to ensure you get your natural smile, while avoiding prosthetic devices, such as crowns and veneers. Our top choices for smilification are braces or Invisalign. Both are excellent options that will produce the desired outcome.


The more traditional route, our braces installation is modern and cutting edge. Long gone are the days of clunky metal “brace face.” Today’s braces can be aesthetically pleasing while working toward your best smile.

Options in braces include classic metal braces, which is a cost effective and quick way a great smile. Ceramic (or clear) braces for those who prefer to keep their orthodontic treamtnes a bit more low key. Or lingual braces, undercover braces that get the job done without ever being seen! Are braces right for you? Only a consultation with one of our smilification experts can determine that.


Looking for more flexibility with your orthodontic treatments? Consider Invisalign. Customized aligner trays can be taken out for eating and oral hygiene and are barey noticeable when worn. One thing to keep in mind when considering Invisalign: it’s nothing more than a tool in the hands of an orthodontist—your ressults will only be as good as the doctor’s ability to treat your particular case. At Smilify, we are experts in designing Invisalign to fit your needs. In fact, we are top 1% of the most experienced providers with Invisalign in the nation.

A thorough oral exam to identify your specific issues and needs, as well as a personal chat about your preferences and lifestyle will help us determine the best course of treatment for your smilification>/em>.

As any orthodontic treatment is both a financial investment as well as an investment in your health, you owe it to yourself to make an informed decision. We can help!