Orthodontic Treatments – The Key to Smilification

Our Smilify team is built of solely orthodontists, not regular dentists. That is why we are able to offer something unique to our clients: smilification.

While dentists take care of routine fillings, crowns, bridges, and veneers, our orthodontists create beautiful smiles without extensive cutting. That is what smilification is: the art of transforming a smile without using an invasive procedure.

Smilification is the key to a healthy, beautiful smile. With smilification, you don’t have to worry about bacteria getting trapped in your gums, and you don’t have to fear bad breath or infections. Instead, you can look forward to a winning smile and loads of confidence! Our smilification experts have many options at their disposal, so that we can find the right fit and proper solution to correct your individual oral issues.

Invisalign for Teens and Adults

Invisalign is quickly becoming our most popular treatment for teens and adults. If you choose this smilification option, we will fit your mouth with a set of customized clear trays designed and programmed by us to deliver the desired results. These removable trays reposition your teeth. As your teeth move into proper position, we continue to switch out your trays until your teeth are perfectly aligned. This is an excellent option for people who want the flexibility of taking the trays out for sports, eating their favorite foods, or other activities. Invisalign gives teens and adults freedom and confidence.
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Clear and Metal Braces

For years, clear and metal braces were the standard treatment for people who needed to straighten their teeth. If you choose this treatment option, an orthodontist from the Smilify team will use braces to properly align your bite so you can achieve smilification. Braces are the right choice if you have a complex dental issue, such as severe crowding. A member of the Smilify orthodontic team will assess your condition to determine if clear or metal braces are right for you.
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