Choosing an Orthodontist for Invisalign

It is extremely important to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the doctor who will be making important decisions regarding the processes and treatment plan to be followed while you undergo orthodontic treatment. Your teeth and your money are at stake!

It is always better to choose an orthodontic specialist over a general dentist. The the orthodontist has many, many more hours of experience and exposure to orthodontic cases. After completing the undergraduate course in dentistry, the orthodontist receives an additional 2-3 years of full-time training that focuses on braces, bite problems, and straightening teeth. This rigorous training provides them with a deep understanding and knowledge about the dynamics of orthodontic care. All the examinations and licensing criteria ensures that they are able to visualize each and every step and any complications that could possibly arise during treatment. A trained orthodontist will create a highly customized treatment plan for each patient, unlike the cookie cutter approach that would be employed by a general dentist who has not received such in-depth training in orthodontia.

The orthodontist will also not hesitate to invest in better equipment, since his sole practice is based on providing the best orthodontic care with the most modern equipment. All the extra continuing education classes that they take help them stay current on all the new trends in orthodontics. No one can grasp the finer aspects of the subject simply by attending a few workshops and seminars that last for a few hour, where the licensing and certifying processes are not very strict. Hence, it is like choosing a general physician who has attended a few sessions on cardiology to do a complicated heart surgery instead of going to a cardiologist to get the procedure done. An orthodontist will be able to guide you correctly on the type of braces that would provide the fastest and best results based on the assessment of your dentition, bite, etc.

Has your general dentist recommended Invisalign to you? Has he/she sent you to the Invisalign website for more details? Do not be taken in by persuasive marketing. You may be convinced that Invisalign is a relatively easy treatment and no special effort is required from the dentist to ensure success. Beware! Such tactics might appear good and cost-effective, but in the long run could very well prove to be disastrous. One needs to understand that Invisalign is just a lab making clear trays and selling them to doctors across the world. After only 6 hours or so of training, a dentist could legally be selling Invasalign, but without understanding principles of proper occlusion. The Invisalign factory simply wants to sell the product and therefore doesn’t care much as to where or to whom they sell as long as a dentist is licensed. It takes a trained orthodontist to properly assess and fit you for Invisalign.

The Invisalign factory is not responsible for quality, but the doctor is. Therefore, it is important to choose an orthodontistif you are considering straightening your teeth. A trained orthodontist will be able to give proper instructions about the exact tooth movement that he/she wishes to achieve and sequence in which the various steps of the treatment plan should be carried out. He would also be better at spotting any complications or undesirable changes and suggesting the required course corrections during the tray fabrication. The orthodontist is in a position to give specific and accurate instructions for individual cases rather than depend on the lab technician to make important design modifications. Armed with the extra knowledge and experience that comes with years of training and practice, the orthodontist can lead the treatment rather than follow a “similar problem, similar solution” generic treatment plan that a technician would utilize if he doesn’t receive proper guidelines from a dentist who himself is ill-equipped to make firm decisions.

Do yourself a vafor and make an informed decision when choosing a doctor to straighten your teeth. You can’t get from a dentist what an orthodontist can provide. After all, it’s your teeth and your money at stake!