Alexus is extremely happy!

Two years ago, Alexus came to our office seeking an opinion about her teeth. She was examined by our orthodontists and advised to undergo treatment for crowding and cross bite. She wanted an option that would cause the least interference in her lifestyle and also not be very obvious. We suggested Invisalign therapy, as it would suit all her requirements while serving as an excellent tool for her orthodontic treatment. She agreed and was told about all the things that she needed to do to take care of her aligners to make sure there was no unnecessary treatment delay.

Now that her treatment is over, Alexus is very happy with her appearance and says she smiles and shows her teeth more often and it makes her very happy. From Alexus:

“Great office and great friendly staff. Overall, very good experience. The doctors are very knowledgeable and know how to set up the case so invisalign could work properly. Invisalign was a good appliance, since I was able to keep the teeth very clean and was very comfortable wearing the appliance”.

We are glad to add one more happy client to our list.